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kronisofficial | April 26, 2008

Welcome to ‘The Road Warrior’ which is a blog for all guitar enthusiasts.

Sheryl Crow Live in London Every Day is a Winding Road

(Sheryl Crow Live in London – Photo by Vegas -Sheryl Crow’s Guitar Tech)

Here you will find links to ongoing top 20 lists ,(i.e. what is the best guitar solo) along with the best suggestions for guitar rig setups and answers to numerous Guitar Technician related questions, as well as information on how to get gear, where to get gear and reviews of what gear to get!

For example, if you have trouble with lots of ‘wall wart style‘ plugs Wall Wart electrical plugthat you end up carrying to your gig in a gym bag or another road case, why not remove them with a ‘wall wart remover’ – this is done by using a power bar that is designed to hold the plugs into place which then can be fastened to the inside of your rack or somewhere useful.

We would recommend a Furman Plug-Lock if you need about 4-5 plugs to lock down. Furman Plug Lock

Lots of ideas that are already photographed are currently being organized for this blog.

Visit soon and feel free to ask questions – info AT guitartechnician DOT com or post comments on the blog.

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  1. Billy

    June 11, 2008 at 5:26 pm

    I have to tell you about the Furman wall wart plug strip- I have one in my rack mounted to the top of the rack. Works great. But…. I chased an intermittent ground loop in my rack for over a year- it was unbelievably frustrating since I have electrical tape over the rack iron, humfrees on every screw, and isolating plastic between each machine. It was maddening… finally one day in the rehearsal studio I heard it and really tried to track it down- removing things etc. Then I happened to move my Warwick road case guitar stand on top of the rack and the hum vanished. The metal edge of the guitar rack was touching one of the screws that attach the Furman to the edge of the effects rack. Doh. Two pieces of gaffer tape later and it hasn’t been a problem.

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