Smashing Pumpkins Guitar Hero Release, GLOW – Billy Corgan

KRONIS | September 3, 2008

Well it looks like the Smashing Pumpkins will be back in the public eye, as I have heard some astonishing stats lately about things like Aerosmith’s 40% increase in sales after being part of a Guitar Hero release featuring their music.

According to KROQ radio this morning, and also reported in the Chicago Tribune, the Smashing Pumpkins will be heavily involved in the latest Guitar Hero release and you will be able to ‘play as Billy Corgan’ if you so desire to. Songs included in this promotion (I believe some of this will be VIA Download from the internet if it is not included in a new Guitar Hero IV package) include:

GLOW * new song
Everlasting Gaze

Billy Corgan Guitar Hero IV

Billy Corgan Guitar Hero IV

The game has now become a cooperative ‘band’-like experience – I guess they had to really drum up to compete with Rockband’s releases – Featuring advanced wireless controllers / instruments? with new online as well as offline modes of playing this game. There is a new Band Career section that has 8 player Battles of the Bands. For the first time ever, two full bands can now go head-to-head to compete together

Nothing. but you bastards all play and hate/love Guitar Hero and are expected to be better than non-musicians who study this game just to beat you. So I figured why not tell you about it. Plus we have a lot of Billy Corgan inside guitar information as Vegas was his Tech for a long time. When Billy’s in the news, so should we be. At least reporting it. It will be an interesting discussion topic to see if these alt rock 90s bands along with Aerosmith and Guitar Hero can bring the guitar back to the forefront of the new music scene of 2009.

So the new controllers for Guitar Hero IV include a redesigned guitar controller, a microphone (This is new!), a special drum kit controller and a microphone.
Guitar Hero IV now comes with (finally something to get kids creative and away from dance dance Revolution or whatever crap they pump out) a new Music Studio Music Creator which allows for composing, recording, editing and sharing of their music. This could create a whole new type of ‘computer game generated music’. Its not super fantastic but it could lead to cause younger players to eventually or shortly pick UP a GUITAR and learn how to play it. THAT is hella cool. yea I said Hella Cool. Maybe I shoulda said Hella Sweet or ‘Really?’…..Anyway.

So as an Artist what the hell does this mean? – It means I have to make guitar hero IV versions of all my music and use that to inspire kids to learn my songs the real way. Wish me luck. As I learn to do this I’ll write about it and post some comparisons of how to play our songs (from my band KRONiS) for Real as well as in video games.

Till next time, I’m off to Toronto.
Aaron Kronis

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