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Metallica New album came out at 12:01 EST I have it and am reviewing now.

joel | September 11, 2008

I’m listening to the New METALLICA record right now in Toronto. Just got it at HMV at 12:01 AM Sept 12th.

TRACK ONE – That was Just Your Life
it’s long and gets awesomer and awesome as it goes

TRACK 2 – The end of the line.
much shorter. called the end of the line. Kinda classic filler..its okay.

TRACK 3 -broken, beat & scarred
– has a good Frayed ends of sanity feel. so far i love it. hope it doesn’t have shitty vocals. great grooving riff. classic badass great guitars. I’ve been waiting for this!

Its gonna pave the way for shit like our new KRONiS record because we grew up on this shit and have evolved but enjoy the same guitar sound they started. Things are looking up. i hope it doesn’t tank.

here come the vocals… kinda ‘black album,’ which is okay. But sometimes the vocals may sound like reload or load which sucks…i heard that on their single a little bit – but not anywhere on this album yet.

On the way some girls asked me to take their picture while I was filming I said – it’s video..

TRACK 4 – The day that never comes. – kinda like the riff that never comes.. i don’t really like it but know I’ll hear it from now on and start to ‘not mind it’. always great guitar parts in there somewhere.

– kinda and justice for all sounding. they really went back to that type of sound. rick rubin did a fantastic job of recapturing that classic sound while maintaining slick production.

There was no lineup at the HMV on Yonge at 12:01 am. the employees looked annoyed. the dude i got the album from said the store is limited open to just the cashier and front. he seemed non-enthused and almost confused to why there were all up so late to sell albums to a few old rocker dudes.

TRACK 6 – Pretty good until the quiet part where hetfield sings quietly…its okay otherwise a pretty interesting song. i’ll have to hear it a lot to like it, but i generally like this type of song after several listens first.

I went to the cashier…

Metallica - Easy Guitar with Lessons, Volume 2Metallica – Easy Guitar with Lessons, Volume 2

Walking up Yonge St. to buy New Metallica at HMV

(videos currently being processed by youtube)

The Unforgiven III
– I’ll get back to this one… starts out orchestrated with piano….drawn out and very musical with a sad harmonic minor sounding feel……the intro is getting long. i’m sure they’ll use it as some massive encore or show intro… then bust into like fucking whiplash or something. here it comes… sounds like one’s intro guitar tone but THERE IS BASS. My friend steve thompson told me how they (lars) said to pull the bass back 6 DB on justice so HIS DRUMS would be louder. hahahah. fuck. but it did give metallica’s justice album it’s sound. This is like that WITH proper bass. I think Rick Rubin should remix ONE with bass – that would be badass.
Sounds nothing like the unforgiven. actually i think it sounds like MEGADETH hahah. seriously.
it has some annoying hetfield singing parts (i like what he does but not in this style…it just isn’t right). so it has a bit of a reload st anger vocal problem going on. I think i’d like this song if mustaine’s whiny voice was over it instead.

(Megadeth fans see my post about dave mustaine’s live guitar interview at Guitar Center in Hollywood).

I went in, there were 6 or 7 Metallica fans outside the store. I heard one guy go ‘whooo’ and the i went in and saw the dude stacking the CDs and asked what I can get – he said they have it all at the cashier….

This is pretty uneventful, nevertheless I was briefly reminded of the ‘a year and a half in the life of Metallica’ scenes from HMV that were nutty.

So I walked back to write this post and listen. so far so good guys. I think the metallica we learned from and were inspired by have refound their original sound. I’m loving it so far – finally.

The Judas Kiss (Track 8) –
Not quite sad but true, sounds like a version of sad but true if it were recording during ride the lightning.
gets into a deep group quick, lots of great guitar chordial harmony.

Suicide and Redemption
Strange fade in. weird to do live…likely will tie into their live show…starts with a bass groove while guitars and drums fade in (kinda like to live is to die but less gradually and with more space between the hits).

There’s a pretty rocking metal groove… this is the type of shit I like to play. Not sure where the vocals will be going….

Damns it slows down….so far no country vocals…
yep instrumental….

sound satrianiesq a bit in the middle…then rocks back out again…. cool track. They will definitely play this live to rest singing and to ‘get back to the old ways’.

My Apocalypse… i heard this pre-album… it’s okay, had a BIT too much ‘Load ish’ singing in my mind but solid nevertheless. All the playing is solid.

I give this an 7 out of 10 on a metallica scale where Justice would be a 9 black album 6.5 puppets 9.3 lightning 9.2

Written by joel


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