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KRONIS | March 8, 2009


Alright, here we are folks. I’m sitting at home watching ‘Some kind of monster’ because it is on VH1, waiting for my finances to come into place where I can start some of the parts of this project that have been waiting for that specifically.

Thank god for Jay Ruston who is going to be helping us with the mixes starting next week (March 2009). I can’t wait.

The plan is to take the music we recorded so far at en2go studios and AMP rehearsal complex:

  • Gimme A Reason
  • Out of Reach
  • Knowing This
  • Yours Forever
  • Without You
  • I Remember When

And start making mixes where we re-amp the dry signals I recorded by splitting the output from a Line6 POD Pro into 2 tracks – 1 being unprocessed guitar output, the other being whatever sound I was going for, simulated with the pod.

– This method has enabled me to give Jay the ideas I’m going for, but still allowing him to completey re-amp the signals using his amazing tools and array of amps, plugins, etc. without compromising the initial tone.

I also recorded rough vocals and made rough mixes for Jay from these sessions at en2go.

Then we’ll take those Pro-Tools stems and start to track drums with our drummer phenom friend Randy Cooke.

note: None of the music recorded at those sessions was actually through the air other than the rough vocals, which really helped in the writing process, however if we decide to keep most of the guitar tracks, they will likely not be the POD processed tracks, they will be re-amped. From now forth, we can simply do this type of work at Jay’s mix studio or at my home studio – simply recording guitars to a click track, saving the 2 versions of the performance again, one being the processed POD signals, the other being the unprocessed guitar out.

NOTHING will be compromised, also we may gain some sweet takes of solos that were done in an relaxed environment. The secret is keeping the unprocessed guitar tracks so that they can be properly re-amped and mixed.

I’ve never done an album like this, and embracing the digital technology (doing an album with THERMOclinE where we were punching in on two inch tape while on the expensive studio clock was kinda pressured!) to allow us to do almost everything as cheap as possibly without compromising ANY quality is absolutely incredible.

Just wait and see how this turns out! – KRONiS

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