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Metallica News – and some Personal Reflections by KRONiS

KRONIS | March 8, 2009

Wired Magazine’s Post about how Metallica ‘repents’ to fans and industry with the creation of a new site called ‘Mission Metallica’ where they posted mp3s for FREE (remember the Napster Lawsuit?) for fans prior to releasing the new album.


I think we should all be proud of metallica for bringing on Rob Trujillo and keeping forward progression.

Making St. Anger must have been hell.

This new record ‘Death Magnetic’ is in my opinion one of the closest things Metallica has done to the ‘true Metallica’ that we all used to refer to on the ‘black album’ tour when we were chanting ‘PLAY THE OLD SHIT JAMES!’

It has been out for some time now and hopefully they will continue onward in this fashion.

I have seen metallica 9 times, but I missed this tour. I was lucky to catch them at the Montreal show back on the St. Anger tour with Linkin Park(who have some great songs but can be at times a little wimpy) and Limp Bizkit (WHO SUCKED and destroyed a cover of Ministry’s theives, but they were entertaining) and Mudvayne.

One of the problems I have with Limp Bizkit is that they did that Guitar Search. – > I went to it and they made me sign something saying that all the material I played was original and that they could use it if they wanted to. What was super gay about that fred durst production(I don’t personally know Fred but i was annoyed that he didn’t show up when a lot of people DID – > if i’m auditioning people, I’m gonna be there, why woulnd’t he unless it isn’t a serious audition, but a quest for material? Fred Durst, please answer this otherwise I will simply assume that is what it was.)

Metallica - Easy Guitar with Lessons, Volume 2Metallica – Easy Guitar with Lessons, Volume 2

I mean I used that search to get a radio interview in Ottawa about my experiences at it. Also I played THERMOclinE’s ‘Frequency’ and some other shit – then I turned the amp off and said to the flawless guy that I was there to follow up on something that my (god rest his soul) old friend and thermo bassist Jason Young had started up with them. I handed them the new mix of ‘vacant lot’ that THERMOclinE recorded and Jay Ruston Remixed. – Then we fired the new singer and i went solo. I mean all i had was Andrew Lamarche – a fantastic drummer but no permanent bassist and no singer but me… and I was never meant to sing for THERMOclinE as it only had one guitar. – > I guess this isn’t really Metallica news, but Metallica was a big influence on my career and guitar knowledge so I will refer to them a lot. I use Mesa Boogie amps pretty exclusively for my heavy sound, but NOT because of Metallica – which would make sense. I use them because Jason Young had made our friend Dave Little buy one for a lot of money, which I got to borrow and I fell in love with that sound and never looked back.

I can’t wait to play live – KRONiS

Written by KRONIS


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