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Alice In Chains CD Release – Live at the Whiskey on Sunset in Hollywood, CA

KRONIS | September 29, 2009

Alice In Chains Live at The Whiskey on Sunset

Opening with their newest radio hit, ‘Check My Brain’, Alice In Chains proved quickly that bands CAN sound good at the Whiskey a Go Go.


Check My Brain

A Looking In View

Angry Chair

Man In The Box


Here’s a picture I took of the set list:
Alice In Chains Set List Sept 30th At The Whiskey 2009
As you can see from the scribbled notes, they tuned to E Flat (D# is what they put because the chromatic tuners look for D# over Eb, I had the same deal as THERMOclinE was all D# or Eb. after awhile you get really used to the D#s!) for everything on this set list except for ‘A Looking In View’ which is #C (likely Drop C#, similar to Drop D just with the entire guitar 1/2 step down).

– Then they played ‘A Looking In View’, which I’ve only heard a few times. It’s very ‘dirt album-ish'(a good thing) and has a distinctive new edge to it. They recreated the song live like their recording very much the way they used to back in the day. The Alice In Chains sound hasn’t changed much over the years, essentially when you replace a vocalist, they aren’t coming in with tons of new gear to change things up. When you switch drummers or guitarists, that can really make a massive impact on a bands sound, however this singer has had it down pat since I saw their last performance at Gibson Ampitheather.

The only criticisms would be that newer fans simply may not ‘get’ the music like we all did back in the 90s.

It was nice to hear Angry Chair in this short set, followed by a rockin’ version (perfect for the sunset strip) of Man In The Box, which is very difficult to sing.

then while we were chilling in the aftermath of Man In the Box, the bassline to Would started and it was very soothing to hear this song done at the proper tempo the proper way again.

This band was SOLID to the core. The main backline and guitarist have been doing this for a very long time and it really showed in how tight they were. I’ve heard countless covers of Man In The Box, and its so great to see it done the right speed! and right way. Great job Mr. Cantrell. I would likely have met him but I decided to bail. I wanted to get this story posted!

More Photos!

Live Alice In Chains At The Whiskey

Live Alice In Chains At The Whiskey on Sunset

Live Alice In Chains At The Whiskey on Sunset

Live Alice In Chains At The Whiskey on Sunset

Live Alice In Chains At The Whiskey on Sunset

(video of 24 seconds of Man in a box)… sorry they wouldn’t let us film and the photos looked like shi* (sorry kids) so I decided to video a bit so I could get a screencap or two and right away someone yelled at me for filming with my camera…also the annoying Whiskey bouncers whose job is to push people behind a line are a pain everytime i go there and I don’t have access to the Upstairs where you can just chill.

Live Alice In Chains At The Whiskey on Sunset

I’ll be at AVALON in Hollywood at their full show tomorrow night and I can’t wait.


Written by KRONIS


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  1. Gary

    September 30, 2009 at 9:28 am

    Thank you for the review at the Whiskey. My wife and I are going tonight to see them at The Avalon, and we’re so excited! Thanks again for the awesome review!

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