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Alice In Chains Performs FULL set at Avalon, Sept 30th 2009 video and more

KRONIS | October 1, 2009

Wow, this was really it.
The 5 song teaser show at the whiskey was nothing like this full out onslaught of Alice In Chains Live on Stage in California….where we had to ‘check our brains’.

I’ll be updating this post with more as we go. – So Keep Checking Back!

Stage Before Alice In Chains Performs

This was the stage prior to the show.

At first I was concerned I would get my camera taken away and lose all my footage.

Here is a video from the start of the concert – I had to hide the camera a lot and the angles are really bad, but hell I was right there for ya, and trying to enjoy it too!


Now it was funny how at one point Mike Inez (bassist) started playing rotten apple (when they were all using acoustics) and he apparently couldn’t really remember it nor were they supposed to play it…and it seemed hadn’t rehearsed ‘Rotten Apple’…people almost started jeering and booing him hahah) they quickly broke into ‘No Excuses’ to shut up everyone, quick. – It can be annoying at times when your bass player ‘noodles around’ in between songs and gets people thinking things… haha. I was like, you GOTTA play Rotten Apple now…to save face…but nope.

Will DuVall Alice In Chains Singer

Will Duval making a Jesus Christ Pose-ish (ala Chris Cornell of Soundgarden) / Gibson on the Mic-stand screeching stuff….LIVE Last night (Sept 30th, 2009) at Avalon in Hollywood, California, the day after the Release of ‘Black Gives Way To Blue‘.

Jerry Cantrell Acoustic Alice In Chains Live

Jerry busts out the Acoustic and they Play ‘No Excuses’.

Jerry Cantrell Live Avalon Alice In Chains

Did they EVER DO A BADASS Version of Nutshell – The Way it was intended to be. At this point I was not recording anymore and enjoying the show. We tried to get the audio but it sounds like shit on my cousin mike’s blackberry.

Man it was so great to see them ‘unplugged and all that, but we really haven’t had a chance to hear Nutshell done with the electric guitars like it was recorded. This was a first for me to see and it was really well done. Jerry Cantrell has some incredibly interesting little licks (that helped me get through exams in college on ‘Jar Of Flies’ !) that I finally got to see him play live. Even on the acoustic version of ‘no excuses’, it was obvious that the leads are done much better by anyone on an electric. – He did No Excuses on an Acoustic, and then Nutshell on the electric, slowly bringing the show back up to an electric level again.

Written by KRONIS


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